ComputerDesign, Inc. can assist you in selecting for your computer or networking needs. I can help you find a system that is right for you and your budget. The prices vary with the options from simple to super computers. The choices are endless! I don't keep much of an inventory because I research each customer's needs to find the best options, unlike buying off the shelf computers. I order Desktop PC's, Laptops, Workstations and Servers.

ComputerDesign, Inc. has handled a wide variety of computing issues for a broad array of businesses.  I install new networks and servers and maintain specialized software. I provide personal instruction for computer operating systems and office software.

Each computer system is individually built, utilizing components determined as optimal based on my knowledge of the available hardware and each end user's needs.   I have developed troubleshooting knowledge in a range of company specific software and computer needs through working with a diverse group of users and their issues.